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Clinical Vignettes

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"A clinical vignette is a report of one or more cases that illustrate a new disease entity or a prominent or unusual clinical feature of an established disease, highlights an area of clinical controversy in Hospital Medicine, or illustrates a unique hospital error. It may include a summary of pertinent patient history, physical findings, laboratory data, or management description" (SHM 2005).


Resources on writing and presenting clinical vignettes:


Steps To Writing a Clinical Vignette.doc

E-mail Template to Learner about Clinical Vignette.doc


ACP. Writing a Clinical Vignette (Case Report) Abstract. http://www.acponline.org/education_recertification/education/program_directors/abstracts/prepare/clinvin_abs.htm 

«Landry M, Miller C, Menard H, Kohlwes J, Lai C. Getting your vignette published in JGIM...or other journals: A step-by-step approach. 2011 SGIM Annual Meeting, Orlando, Fla. Powerpoint link

Wright SM, Kouroukis C. Capturing zebras: what to do with a reportable case. CMAJ, 163(4): 429–431. Article Link | PDF link

Burger A, Paesch EA, Miller CS. Clinical Vignettes 101: How to develop, write, and submit a clinical vignette for presentation at a scientific meeting. The Hospitalist, November 2013. Article Link

Brodell RT. Do more than discuss that unusual case. Write it up! Postgrad Med. 2000 Aug;108(2):19-20, 23. PMID: 10951740



Poster Templates to Use for Submission:

Corner Template (3 column).pptx 

Full template (3 column).pptx 

Full template (4 column).pptx  

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