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RNMD Communication

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Minutes from Meeting October 6th

I want to thank everyone for their participation in our RN/MD Communication meeting this week and I apologize for not being more prompt with the minutes.  We had great discussion and I think there are a lot of things we can find innovative solutions for that will benefit our patients, our teamwork, our ease of practice, and our sanity.  Please forward this on to anyone you think would be interested from your units.
The goal of this meeting was to start developing processes of improvement between our medicine units (5West and 4West) as we need to be a cohesive group that can accomplish more by working together to improve and standardize processes.  The first area we decided to focus on was RN/MD Communication.  Here are my notes from our discussion that covered a lot of topics.  Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 19 at 2PM in 5 Middle, please try to make sure that you or others from your floor can make it!  Bring any new ideas and spread the word to other staff.  Thanks! 
Recognized Deficiencies:
Knowing which resident and team are responsible for a patient
Knowing which residents are off or not available on any given day
Not knowing names and faces on both sides (are you white med, what does _____ nurse look like?)
Not knowing which nurse is caring for a patient and not knowing their direct number
Nurses not knowing the patient plans, MDs not knowing nursing issues
Immediate Tasks:
Look into whether nursing assignments and phone numbers can be added to Powerchart for go-live
Medicine team lists each week (made on 5West) will be made available to 4West
Cell phones for nurses on 5 West
Proposed Ideas:
Better use of hand off sheet to aid in nurses knowing patient plans and overnight plans
Nursing assignments based on service
Possibility of using google calender for nurses to know days off
Colored buttons to help identify which teams MDs are on
Post photos of hospitalists and nurses in 4West and 5West (possibly post photos for who is on today)
Areas to discuss:
ISBAR format for all phone calls to MDs from Nurses (we want to hear your recs)
Night time paging of cross cover - grouping of non-urgent pages
Non-urgent ways to pass information on to a team at all hours
Minutes from 10/19 Meeting

MD/RN Communication


Minutes from last meeting: (10-19-09)

ISBAR, in house paging & non urgent ways to get information to everyone


Vote on one issue to cover; the cell phones, numbers & knowing who is on or off


Passed around the Deficiencies list to everyone for input, one item to add to list is: Having a list of downtime resource forms, have a box with downtime forms – taking away old forms will have a spot for emergency forms.


Immediate Task:

Try to tackle quickly and easily contact of counter part

What can we do that everyone is willing to do that does not require IT


Proposed Ideas:

Message Center: (Power chart Left Side) Who’s task list (putting a medicine into power chart) falls into.  Who is it? Can we see the phone number?  Can we send a note to that person?

When come on make sure signed in so everyone can tell who has access that day (daily)

Handoff sheet – team to do, MD&RN, can print this from patient list in Ad Hoc

Get three or four people to meet with Pulse Team

Maybe email once a week everyone on teams


Action Item:

Doctors talk with Jay (teams and colors)


Still need to figure out a way to have MD/RN side that’s responsible for people

RN side: Look in chart and page # or might log onto Am I On, floating pager

 Recap: For now utilize HUC & RN cell phones, call HUC and be transferred.  Everyone post # and names daily


Trouble Shoot:

Do Rn’s commonly use ISBAR? 

Not having effective 2 way information between MD’s and RN’s.  Rn’s frustrated that they didn’t get what there after when calling docs.  Rn’s need to come out and let MD know what they want and need to train MD to ask what to you need?  If don’t here this from the RN.


One Min. Minutes:

  1. Ran into road block with IT stuff, rapidly identifies RN/MD counter part name & number.
  2.  Physicians side- let residents know about RN cell phone can call HUC to be transferred or given direct RN number.  If RN can’t answer call back
  3. Public easy way to find #’s and names email to Yvette Perea  every week always CC Mela Chapman teams & color list
  4. ISBAR- Education = have MD’s ask “what do you want” RN’s feel there’re disregarded


Action Minutes:

3 weeks from now revisit utilizing power chart to enhance MD/RN communication

Next meeting November 17, 2009   5 West Conference Room at 2:00 PM   (Reschedule if necessary)


Outstanding Issue for MD’s:

Coming up with ways to let RN know which MD’s are off

Talk with Jay about AM I ON with assignment (Anthony to follow up with Jay)
















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