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Research Committee

Page history last edited by Rush Pierce 4 years ago


General Information on Scholarly Activity for Hospitalists at UNM

     Scholarly Activity for Hospitalists.doc (general orientation)      

     UNM Clinical Investigators program.pdf

     Writing the research protocol for UNM IRB

     Scholarly activity for hospitalists: can QI be research? (Best Practices presentation with refs 02/19/10 ) UNM Hospitalist research.2.ppsx   hospitalists, QI, research REFS.doc 


Internal Grant Opportunities

       Dept of Internal Medicine Seed grant information and forms

          DOIM Seed Grant Program.5.pdf 

          Seed Grant Program Application.pdf 

          NIH Budget Template.doc 


     RAC (Research Allocations Committee) Grants

     SEAC (Scholarship in Education Allocations Committee) Grants

     CTSC (Clinical and Translational Science Center) Grants


IRB training for UNM faculty


NIH Career Development Awards

     Career dev awards AGS lecture.pdf  Career dev awards part 2 AGS lecture.pdf  Career dev awards VA AGS lecture.pdf  


Preparing case reports


QI Research tools and links


Research Committee Reports

     Hosp Research SA 2010Jul13.doc

     Hosp Research SA 2010Aug10.doc

     Hosp Research SA 2010Sep14.doc

     Hosp Research SA 2010Oct12.doc 

     Hosp Research SA 2010Dec14.doc 

     Hosp Research SA 2011Jan11.doc 

     Hosp Research SA 2011Feb08.doc 

     Hosp Research SA 2011Mar08.doc 

     Hosp Research SA 2011Apr12.doc 

     Hosp Research SA 2011May17.doc 

     Hosp Research SA 2011Jun14.doc 

     Hosp Research SA 2011Sep06.doc 

     Hosp Research SA 2011Nov01.doc

     Hosp Research SA 2012Feb07.doc  

     Hosp Research SA 2012Jun05.doc 

     Hosp Research SA 2012Aug07.doc 

     Hosp Research SA 2012Nov06.doc 

     Hosp Research SA 2013Feb05.doc 

     Hosp Research SA 2013May07.doc

     Hosp Research SA 2013Jul02.doc 

     Hosp Research SA 2013Nov05.doc  


Research Projects by Section Members


Useful literature/tools on doing research

     Comparative Effectiveness Research for the Hospitalist (Article from JHM describing comparative effectiveness research)

     Dataset analysis - SGIM resources  SGIM Dataset Announcement 6 11_1.doc   JGIM Dataset Analysis 2011pdf.pdf

     Beckman. Develop scholarly projects in Education Med Teach 2_1.pdf

     Checklist for research or QI question.pdf

     Experimental study design and grant writing in eight steps and 28 questions.pdf 


     Clinical Research Data Warehouse, a joint project with TriCore Reference Laboratories.  This distributed, virtual data repository is intended to provide clinical, diagnostic, and outcome data and data-mining to

     support clinical and translational research that is intended for extramural funding.  Currently, we offer access to three years of cumulative lab data on all UNM patients.  This warehouse was developed for research

     purposes and is available to approved research projects. Visit http://hsc.unm.edu/research/ctsc/warehouse.shtml. 

          CTSC Data Warehouse pdf.pdf

          CTSC Warehouse OP procedures.pdf

          Warehouse DATA REQUEST.doc




     Writing abstracts.pdf

     Writing case reports.pdf


Writing abstracts/case reports

     How to Write a Case Report.docx

     Writing abstracts.pdf

     Writing case reports.pdf

     Case Report.BP.ppt


Useful links:

     AHQR Quality and Patient Safety Site  http://www.ahrq.gov/qual/

     CTSC Biostatistics and Primary Support Unit 

     SHM QI Basics  http://www.hospitalmedicine.org/Content/NavigationMenu/QualityImprovement/QIPrimer/QI_Primer_Landing_Pa.htm

     SHM QI Resource Room  http://www.hospitalmedicine.org/ResourceRoomRedesign/RR_LandingPage.cfm     

     SQUIRE Publication Guidelines: publication guidelines for quality improvement projects.pdf 

     Interactive statistical webpages

     UNM IRB http://hsc.unm.edu/som/research/HRRC/HRRCHomePage.shtml


Volunteer to be a manuscriopt reviewer!

     Journal General Internal Medicine  http://www.jgimed.org/authors/Reviewers.asp


Where to publish 

Journal Venues 2011 JGIM update




Updated Journal Venues for Clinician Educators list



Journal of investigative medicine high impact case reports http://hic.sagepub.com/



Journal of Medical Case Reports



ACP Hospitalist: Expert Analysis: Detailed explanation of a specific condition, how it is diagnosed, treated, etc. Examples here: http://www.acphospitalist.org/archives/by-topic/expert.htm


ACP Hospitalist: Brief Case: Brief case studies about interesting patients. Examples here:



ACP Hospitalist: Self-Examination: Essay-style writing about a topic related to hospital medicine which affected the physician on a personal level. Examples here: http://www.acphospitalist.org/archives/by-topic/self.htm


ACP Hospitalist: Perspectives: Opinion piece about a subject related to hospital medicine about which the physician takes a distinct position. Examples here:




ACP Hospitalist: Student Hospitalist and For Residents column, which is for medical students and residents to write about pretty much whatever is on their minds. Examples here:








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