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Recruiting Abstract

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Background: Because of changes in resident staffing, our academic hospitalist section required a 50% increase (from 12 to 18 FTE) in faculty members in one year.  Thus, we undertook an intensive recruiting effort that spanned 9 months.

Purpose: In a cost effective way, to attract and screen a large number of applicants for a position with our section of academic hospital medicine.

Description: In January and October, we advertised in national journals and on websites.  We responded to over 100 inquiries with a standardized email describing our program, and with an invitation to formally apply by providing a letter of intent, current CV, and three professional references. Over a 9 month period, we received formal applications from 68 physicians (53 were currently completing their residency, and 15 were practicing hospitalists). 5 were from our own residents, and 4 were from local hospitalists who had completed some training with us. These 68 applications and/or letters of reference were reviewed by our Hiring Committee. Using pre-established screening criteria, 26 of 68 (38%) applicants were judged competitive.  Using standardized interviewing tools, Hiring Committee members interviewed by telephone 24 of these competitive candidates and their references. Of these, 18 were invited for an on-site visit.  Almost all of the invited candidates (16/18) visited our department for a one or two day visit which included face-to-face interviews, rounding, and social events.  12 of these 16 candidates (and 6 of 8 local candidates) were offered a position, and 5 accepted. Four of these had completed their residency in the past year. 3/5 (60%) of the successfully recruited faculty members had done some training at our institution.  The recruiting cost included $6,431 for advertising and $14,292 for candidate visits; and required weekly meetings by our Hiring Committee.

Conclusions: Using pre-established screening criteria and standardized telephone interviews, we targeted those candidates which we felt we were most likely to successfully recruit, and invited them for on-site interviews. We ultimately offered a job to 75% and hired 30% of those who completed an on-site visit. Over half of our successful recruits were from local candidates. The cost of our recruiting was $4,145 per successfully recruited physician

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