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Hospital Medicine Reading List

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Please list any articles, studies, or other material you found useful in hospital medicine here.

See also Hospital Care of the Elderly page


Career Development

Challenges and Opportunities in Academic Hospital Medicine: Report from the Academic Hospital Medicine Summit


Medical Education

100 Years after the Flexnor Report  http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/full/355/13/1339

Duty hours: FinalACGMEstandards92810.pdf  New duty hrs ACGME.pdf  To leave or lie.pdf

using interpreters Interpreter.pdf


Coding and Billing

Answers to complicated questions on observation from Today's Hospitalist

Coding and Documentation: Medicare Severity Diagnosis-Related Groups and POA Documentation


Guidelines (evidence-based, consensus, and expert opinion)

Community-acquired pneumonia (ATS) CAP guidelines.pdf

Community-acquired pneumonia (ACP-PIER, Annals "In the Clinic") CAP AIM ITC.pdf

crypto meningitis IDSA guidelines.pdf

Determining decisional capacity (two expert's opinions) Decisional capacity.pdf, Decisional capacity cleveland clinic.pdf

DVT/PTE AHA DVT PE rx guidelines.pdf

Essential tremor treatment Essential tremor rx AAN guidelines.pdf

Hep B management guidelines AASLD.pdf

High Altitude Pulm Edema HAPE WMS Consensus statement.pdf

HIV screening in healthcare settings HIV screening.pdf  http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/rr5514a1.htm  http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/testing/HIVStandardCare/campaign.htm

Hospital acquired pneumonia (ATS) HAP rx guidelines.pdf

immunizations for splenectomy.pdf

Meningitis (bacterial) diagnosis and treatment bactrial meningitis - Fitch.pdf  meningiitis IDSA.pdf

Pain, treatment in the elderly (AGS) AGS recs about rx of chronic pain.pdf

Pericardial dz dx and rx ECS guidelines.pdf

PFT interpretation (ATS) ATS PFT interpretation.pdf

Periopertive management, pearls periop pearls.pdf

Preoperative risk assessment (ACC) ACC Preoperative risk 2008.pdf

Quantiferon tests.pdf

TIPS Guidelines Nov AASLD.pdf

Topical NSAIDS for pain (Cochrane review) Topical NSAIDs for pain.pdf

Transitions of care (ACP/SGIM/SHM) transitions care ACP-SGIM-SHM pos state.pdf

SBE prohylaxis for GI procedures SBE Prophylaxis AGS.pdf


Review articles

Acid-Base Haber.pdf

Alcoholic hepatitis (NEJM).pdf 

alc withdrawal.pdf


diabetic peripheral neuropathy, dx.pdf

HAPE pathophys.pdf

hyponatremia assessment.pdf

Lung dz at altitude.pdf

N Amer snakebite.pdf

pertussis dx.pdf

Renal failure in cirrhosis.pdf


Wernickes encephalopathy.pdf


Quality Improvement

| November 08, 2009

Magazine Preview:  Making Health Care Better

By DAVID LEONHARDT. The evidence-based medicine practiced at Intermountain hospital could be the cure for American health care.

Does hospitalist care improve outcomes? systematic review.pdf


Recommended Video Lectures through ACPE

Shocking Developments in Resuscitation  - this is an excellent lecture every resident and attending should watch, review of in hospital CPR, very entertaining and informative!

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