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Hospital Care of the Elderly

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Useful Links

American Geriatrics Society http://www.americangeriatrics.org/

Merck Manual: Geriatrics http://hestia.health.unm.edu/search/X?SEARCH=merck%20manual%20of%20geriatrics

Disaster preparedness for the elderly  http://elderlydisaster.pbworks.com/

Geriatrics and Gerontology Webpage http://www.ahsl.arizona.edu/topics/geriatrics/index.cfm

Hospital Elder Life Program http://hospitalelderlifeprogram.org/public/public-main.php?pageid=01.00.00

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/117995531/home 

Reynolds Foundation Aging and Quality of Life Program http://www.dwreynolds.org/Programs/National/Aging/Aging.htm

Society of Hospital Medicine Project BOOST http://www.hospitalmedicine.org/ResourceRoomRedesign/RR_CareTransitions/CT_Home.cfm



Building the workforce - AGS position paper geriatric edu for MD's.pdf 

CHAMP (Curriculum for the Hospitalized Aging Medical Patient)  http://champ.bsd.uchicago.edu/

POGOE (Portal of Geriatric Online Education) http://www.pogoe.org/front

Transitions of care for medical students continuum of care med student curr.pdf

Transitions of care for residents Continuum of care curr.pdf



Asthma assessment and rx in elderly asthma in elderly.pdf

Constipation treatment (ACG) chronic constipation mgmt.pdf 

Decisional capacity, determining Decisional capacity.pdf 

Delirium eval and treatment Delerium in elderly.pdf   delirium in elderly BMJ.pdf   delirium in elderly Nature.pdf  delerium - Holroyd.pdf  Delirium Inouye AGS lecture.pdf

Essential tremor treatment Essential tremor rx AAN guidelines.pdf

Falls prevention (AGS, mostly outpt, but nice lit review) http://www.americangeriatrics.org/education/cp_index.shtml   (click here for Power Point presentation)

Fever eval in LTCF (IDSA) fever in elderly in LTCF.pdf

Hip fracture, pre-op eval and post-op mgmt best practices hip fx.pdf 

Medication dosing in elderly (AGS) Med dosing in elderly.pdf

Pain managemnt in elderly (AGS) pain mgmt elderly AGS.pdf

Perioperative managemnt periop pearls.pdf

Sleep disorders mgmt in elderly Sleep disrders in elderly.pdf



antidpressants elderly.pdf

Atypical antipsychotics and risk of sudden death.pdf

autoimmune dementia.pdf  autoimmune dementia ed.pdf

COPD exac in elderly AGS lecture.pdf

Depression in elderly AGS lecture.pdf

Elder abuse AGS lecture.pdf

ESRD in elderly http://www.clinicalgeriatrics.com/articles/Management-End-Stage-Renal-Disease-Older-Adult-Recent-Advances-and-Future-Challenges

Falls prevention in the hospital  hospital falls prevention programs metaanalysis.pdf

Fraility identity crisis fraility identity crisis.pdf

HIV in the elderly HIV in elderly.pdf

Improving vaccine rates in elders AGS lecture.pdf

Influenza in the elderly Influenza in Elderly.pdf 

Influenza vaccine AGS lecture.pdf

Lumbar spine surgery in elderly lumbar spine surgery in elderly.pdf

nocturia in the elderly.pdf

Obesity in elderly obesity in LTCF.pdf

Oral hygiene in preventing pneumonia in elderly oral hygiene in preventing pneumonia.pdf

Osteoporosis in LTCF osteoporosis in LTCF.pdf

pneumococcal vaccine AGS lecture.pdf

Pneumonia in Elderly AGS lecture.pdf 

Sexual dysfunction in the elderly AGS lecture.pdf

Zoster vaccine AGS lecture.pdf


Clinical Tools

Brandt-Daroff vestibular exercises for benign paroxysmal postional vertigo BRANDT.doc

Confusion Assessemnt Method (CAM) confusion_assessment.pdf

Decisional Capacity Assessment Template.pdf

Fallen patient assessment tool  POGOe falls huddle checklist.pdf

Frailty indices fraility indices.pdf

Hip fracture care order set UNMH Hospitalist recs for hip fx.docx

Hospital Admission Risk Profile HARP.pdf

Pressure ulcer prevention toolkit AGS lecture.pdf

SHM Clinical Toolbox for Geriatric Care http://www.hospitalmedicine.org/geriresource/toolbox/howto.htm

Strategies for stopping meds AGS lecture.pdf


Quality Measurement Tools

Coleman Care Transitions Measures  CTM-3.pdf CTM-3-SCORING.pdf  CTM-15.pdf CTM-15-SCORING.pdf  (methodolgy: Coleman CTM.pdf)

Functional decline in hospital, comparison of instruments 

Inappropriate meds qual meas.pdf

LACE index to predict readmissions.pdf

Predicting functional outcome after stroke.pdf

Rehospitalizations among Medicare pts.pdf

Risk prediction models for readmission.pdf

 SNF readmissions.pdf

STOPP vs Beers.pdf

Vulnerable elders study.pdf


Local Power Point Presentations


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