Formal Education Activities

  1. Conferences
    1. Morning Report
      1. Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 11am in the 5ACC conference room
      2. attendance is mandatory for all team members unless your team is post call
      3. The presenter is the resident on call that day.  The resident should:
        1. call the chief resident the day before to review the case
        2. prepare a brief (~5 slide) presentation of primary literature relevant to the case
        3. do not present a condensed version of uptodate for MR
          1. don't review CAP, do discuss the role of PSI in assessing a patient's inhospital mortality
          2. don't review sepsis, do discuss the role of corticosteroids in patients with vasopressor refractory septic shock
          3. yes, you may use the above topics
        4. email the chief a copy of your presentation
    2. Grand rounds & Thursday school begin at 12:30 on Thursday in the Dominici Auditorium.  Attendance is expected unless your team is on call or post call
    3. Morbidity and Mortality conference is the second friday of the month (so a Friday the 13th M&M is possible)
    4. Hospitalists' Best Practice Lectures 
      1. first and third Tuesdays of the month
      2. everyone is invited
  2. Inpatient modules 
    1. found on New Innovations under Main => Curriculum (Main is in blue in the top left of the screen)
  3. Student Education
    1. Residents (i.e. R2s & R3s) are required to discuss 2 topics per week per student
    2. Topics may be as long and as formal as thought best by the team
    3. Attendings will expect this of the residents on their evaluation