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Admission Guidelines

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Admission Guideline Documents


Document Date Notes
Emergency Medicine - Internal Medicine - Family Medicine Triage Expectations.pdf 08/30/2016 EM - Family Medicine Triage Expectations

Family Medicine Adult Admitting Criteria 7.2020.pdf

Family Medicine-Internal Medicine Transfer Agreement

Pilot Program of DoIM HM and DFCM IPS collaboration for census overflow - 8.12.20 Update.pdf




Family Practice Provider List

Approved by Rogers, Rankin


Protocol for non-FM patient admits to FM for census management

IM/Cystic Fibrosis Service Agreement 4/30/2009 Approved by Moseley, Chang, and Taylor-Cousar
IM/Neurology Service Agreement 5/15/2009 Approved by Moseley, Chang, Rosenberg, Adair
IM/Cardiology Service Agreement 10/2013 Approved by Laskey, Moseley

IM/MICU Service Agreement

3/24/2011 Approved by Moseley, Chang, Harkins
Psychiatry Consult Guidelines 3/10/2010 Psych consults on weekends and evenings guidelines
IM/Hematology Oncology Service Agreement 04/2016 Approved by Lauer, Dayao, Arap, Rogers, Voss

IM/Pediatrics Service Agreement 


Approved by Rogers, Rose, Waldman

TACE IR Admissions 10/2017  
Trauma IM FM Geriatric Consult Agreement 10/2016 Approved by Rogers, West, Rankin

Hip Fracture Co-Management Pilot 2019


IM/Ortho Service Agreement  

(as of 10/1/19, please refer to above pilot if a hip fracture admission)                     






Approved by Moseley, Schenck

IM/General Surgery Service Agreement 5/2011  Approved by Moseley, Russell
Adult ED Observation Criteria.pdf   Criteria for placement in ED Observation
Adult ED Cardiac Observation Criteria.pdf  

Criteria for placement in ED Cardiac Observation

Adult ED Placement Observation Criteria.pdf 2/2014 Criteria for placement in ED Placement Observation
Emergency Obs Med Diagnoses                                                                      
Order set from ER that lists medicine admissions appropriate for obs 
Emergency Obs Cards Diagnoses                                                   
Order set from ER  that lists cardiology admissions for obs  




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