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Poster Submissions Ideas - SHM 2013

Page history last edited by Rush Pierce 7 years, 5 months ago

Please list any potential poster submissions here - think of anything that we can show had an impact and that we should be sharing with other institutions. Also list name of potential authors. Deadline for submission is 01/07/2013.



Teaching physical diagnosis on wards (Rao)

Teaching bedside ultrasound to academic hospitalists (Rao)

Innovative approach to teaching geriatric principles to academic hospitalists (Pierce)

PBL "Chief's rounds" to instruct medical students during junior medicine clerkship (Rendon and other Chiefs) 



Utility of MRSA nasal swap in initiating emperic teraoy for VAP (lLangsjoen)

Research by academic hospiatlists vs academic general internists (Pierce, Seethala, Collins)

Amount of teaching by academic hospiatlists (Pierce)  


Clinical Vignettes

V tach after TASER (Langsjoen, Thoreson) 




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