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Discharging Diabetic Patients

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Attention Providers and Staff:

The Inpatient Diabetes Educators are Cauleen Svanda RN, MSN, CDE (pager 710-1276) and Melanie Duran RN, CDE (pager 306-9328). If  they are unavailable, you can follow the algorithm.



Diabetes Education

Frequently Asked Questions



Ordering Inpatient Diabetes Education


1. Go into patient chart in Cerner, Power Order Add button, in search wagon type in



"Diabetes ", select, Consult to Diabetes Nurse Specialist-Inpt 

2. If you need to discuss patient with Inpatient Diabetes Educator, contact Cauleen Svanda

at 710-1276 (hospital cell).


Referring patients to outpatient Diabetes Education


1. Pt. must have a PCP appt. set up, if they do not have one then contact one of the First

Choice clinics on the back of the booklet

2. Once pt. has PCP appt. scheduled, go into the patient

chart in Cerner, Select

Charting, scroll down to AdHoc Charting and select Consult Forms and select,

Diabetes Education and Training Referral, complete referral and submit.

a. Pt. will be called with an appt. time, so make sure they have a contact number

that is current.

3. For those patients with many co-morbidities and new to insulin please consider a

referral to the Diabetes Comprehensive Care Center, (DCCC) at 925-3222 call if require an asap appt., otherwise the DCCC will contact the patient with an appt. time. Please make sure that the telephone contact information is correct.

a. To make a referral to the DCCC go into the patient

s chart in Cerner, select

Charting, scroll down to AdHoc Charting and select Consult Forms, then

select, Diabetes Comprehensive Care Cntr Consult Request

Ordering Medications

1. If ordering insulin vials please remember to generate another prescription for syringes

and they come in the following:

a. 1/3 cc = 30 unit maximum

b. ½½ cc = 50 unit maximum

c. 1 cc = 100 unit maximum

2. If ordering insulin pens (these are covered under UNM Care) then please generate

another prescription under miscellaneous supplies for

"pen needles"  

a. Most insurance providers require a prior authorization for insulin pens,


therefore, order vial and syringe for this group


3. Insulin pens can be ordered under discharge prescriptions, there are 5 pens to a box


and each disposable pen holds 300 units:


a. Type in

"Lantus" into the search area and then choose "Lantus Solostar Pen"

b. Type in

"Humalog" into the search area and then select "Humalog Kwikpen" 

4. Remember that the terms

"Humulin" and "Novolin" are just brand names, I will need to

know if it is Regular, NPH, 70/30, etc.


Ordering Blood Glucose Meters


1. All UNM Care patients can get an TrueResult meter at the outpatient pharmacy,

if diabetes educator not available to give and instruct the meter the pharmacy will do


a. If patient is on insulin can order 100 (2 vials) TrueResult strips per


b. If patient is on oral medications can order 50 (1 vial) TrueResult strips

per month

2. All other insurers please contact Inpatient Diabetes Educator, if educator is on leave

then provider can prescribe glucometer and strips.



Referral Algorithm for Providers:

Pt. has a PCP leaving hospital on same medications

Pt has no PCP leaving hospital on new regimen

Pt. has no PCP and has many complications assoc. with DM

1. Adhoc referral under Consults to  Diabetes Ed and Training

1.  Make a PCP appt. with First Choice Clinic. Scheduler Christine 452-4031

1.  Make a PCP appt. with First Choice Clinic.  Scheduler Christine 452-4031

2.  Make a F/U PCP appt.

2.  Adhoc referral under Consults to Diabetes Ed and Training

2.  Adhoc referral under Consults to Diabetes Ed. and Training

3. If complicated with many comorbidities consider referral to Diabetes Comprehensive Care Center under Adhoc referral, Consults.  Telephone number 925-3222

3.  Adhoc referral under Consults to Diabetes Comprehensive Care Center and call 925-3222 for appt. time.

3.  Adhoc referral under Consults to Diabetes Comprehensive Care Center and call 925-3222 for appt. time



4.  Consider an endo consult for inpt and outpt. management. 


There are 7 Clinical Pharmacists in primary care who can help manage diabetes:


1.  Cole Larson - Atrisco Heritage (& Cards)

2.  Juliann Horne (Senior Health and 4th Street clinic)

3.  Julianna Rogers (Academy and Tucker)

4.  Kassie Kotter (SE Heights and SWM)

5.  Irma Avalos (1209)

6.  Luis Gonzalez (SWM and possibly DCC in the future)

7.  Frances Aragon (Academy and DCC)


They all have 2.5 to 3 days in clinic to see patients and some do not have full schedules so can see patients within a few days of referral usually.

The College of Pharmacy also has 2 in primary care as well - Melanie Dodd (Senior Health) and Gretchen Ray (4th St and Tucker).  They have 1/2 day per week at each clinic.



1.     Have the patient view the “Diabetes Survival Skills” video and give the Diabetes booklet to go with the video.  See UBE if you have questions.

2.     Please email ckilgo@salud.unm.edu, if you need additional copies of the Diabetes booklet.

3.     All patient teaching materials and video are located in the Internet and Intranet at the following link: http://hospitals.unm.edu/health/diabetes/index.shtml 

4.     Staff can access teaching materials online as well:

a.     Go to UNMH Internet

b.    Click on Health Information/Education Tab in middle of page

c.     Select Diabetes on the left column




Diabetes Quick Guide


Ordering Inpatient Diabetes Education:


Patient Chart in Cerner


Power Orders Add+

Type into search wagon


Select, Consult to Diabetes Nurse Specialist-Inpt

Referring to Outpatient Diabetes Education:

*Pt. must have a PCP appt. and or provider

Patient Chart in Cerner

Select Charting

Scroll down to AdHoc charting

Select Consult Forms

Select Diabetes Education and Training Referral

Referral to Diabetes Comprehensive Care Center:

*Consider referral if many co-morbidities and new to insulin

Patient Chart in Cerner

Select Charting

Scroll down to AdHoc charting

Select Consult Forms

Select Diabetes Comprehensive Care Center Consult

Ordering Medications

Insulin Pens

Power Orders Add+

Discharge meds

Type in


Select Lantus Solostar Pen

Type in


Select Humalog Kwikpen

Must have a RX for pen needles and syringes

Pen Needles








Diabetes Supplies


Meters and Strips




Diabetes Supplies


Each vial of insulin = 1000 units


Box of 5 pens = 1500 units


**Humulin and Novolin are brand names

 Misc. Supplies


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