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Poster preparation tips from Dr Beeley

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Poster Presentation Design on Power Point 




Copy Center is 272-4900 Open from 8-10am and then 1-3 pm.

Printing posters takes one day but best to have these sent earlier (in case the special copier goes down).

Best size for posters are 30" x 40" for ACP (per 2014 competition rules)

You may ask for a travel tube.

Posters must be submitted to http://unmcopycenter.unm.edu. Choose the P Card option for payment.

Posters can be picked up at the copy center BMSB basement west wing Room 55  or can be delivered on request.


Start by using a Power Point template. The entire slide will be created on a single slide. 

UNM Poster Templates: Full template (4 column)(1).pptx Full template (3 column)(1).pptxCorner Template (3 column).pptx 


Choose the appropriate size of the poster by going to Design then Slide Size. Usually this will require you enter the exact size that each competition requests. By doing this step first, you will insure that the poster appearance is proportionally pleasing.


There are usually 3 columns: Intro, narrative and discussion

Best to Crop pictures in PowerPoint (instead of using Paint or other photo-art software)

Once file is in slide, then hit view, grid lines (consider using ruler for accuracy).

If you want a picture behind your presentation: Design > Choose background at far right of screen, picture or texture. If picture is selected, choose your picture from your files. Then choose the level of transparency.



View to check accuracy for printings:

Select print then preview, fit to scale, prints out 8X11 to show results (doesn’t change original size formatting for professional poster printing)




Importing images from ISite to your Poster

Open the patient file in ISite.

Open a blank document in word.

Open your template for poster in Power Point.

Select the image from I site and hit the square on the right upper corner to maximally enlarge it. Right click and select Save. Then select 'Window to clipboard' or image to clip board.

Then go back to the Word document. Choose clipboard on left upper corner. Right click on image and 'copy'. Then 'paste' it into your Poster template in Power Point.  Select Format on top of the tool bar. On the far right you will have the 'crop' tool. Use this to crop out patient specific information and make the image take up the most space (eliminating most of the black background).  Save your PowerPoint with each addition.


For a Case Presentation:

Tip: make your poster have 3 columns, the first is general information about the disease you are describing, second: Case presentation and any visuals from the case, last: Discussion, Key points and references.


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