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Autotext Templates

Page history last edited by Kendall Rogers 9 years, 6 months ago

Please read the below email for context


Potential Autotext templates

I think we should designate HM as =imhm.  Once we agree on what notes to develop, then we can create links from here to do it and then have them imported into powerchart.  Please add your ideas here.  Thanks!


=imhm para  - paracentesis note

=imhm thora  - thoracentesis note

=imhm family disc - progress note of family discussion with all components

=imhm code status - code status note

=imhm death note  - death note with all necessary components

=imhm norm PE - a full normal physical exam to be edited by user

=imhm ROS - a full ROS to be edited by user

=imhm hospital issues  - the hospital issue list (DVT, Code, GI Proh, ect) that we put on the bottom of progress notes


Email describing autotext:


Chairs and Program Directors        
We can now make department specific templates available to all providers through the autotext function in Powerchart. 
The autotext function  allows the provider to pull the desired template into a clinical note with just a few keystrokes.   (The autotext may include combinations of text and any of the existing templates)

Requests for Autotext Templates can be made through the SynergE3 link on the Hospital Intranet Homepage. 
Once there, select: "Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Request Changes." Then select: "Request for Clinical Documents, Templates, and/or Powerform."

Approval of pushing out a department autotexts will be the same as for powerplans and other changes the chair or person designated by the department will approve and also be the point person for any questions on the use of that autotext for that department.
The requestor should attach a word document which specifies the dept, title of autotext, and keystroke abbreviation as well as the exact text and templates* which are to be incorporated into the autotext. 

Below is our suggested abbreviations for each Department.

Note that they begin with "=". By convention, we use this to balance the simplicity of calling up the templates with the interruption which could be caused by using a more common keystroke. 
Further sub-categorizing by Division will be at the discretion of the Dept and Division. For example, within the Surgery Dept:
Urology could be "=suu"; Vascular could be "=suv" and so on.
We have limited the departmental designation to  2 or 3 keystrokes to avoid cumbersome abbreviations, ie "=surgeryurologyprogressnote", which begin to defeat the purpose and speed of autotext. Whereas "=suupn" would function more efficiently. If we stick to these standard, the provider can call up all relevant templates with just the few intitial keystrokes. 
(see attached example).
We will assume that these departmental designations are acceptable unless you respond otherwise.
Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine    =an
Dermatology                                          =de
Emergency Medicine                              =ed
Family And Community Medicine              =fm
Internal Medicine                                    =im
Neurology                                              =ne
Neurosurgery                                         =ns
Obstetrics & Gynecology                         =ob
Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation                 =or
Pathology                                             =pa
Pediatrics                                              =ped
Psychiatry                                             =ps
Radiology                                              =ra
Surgery                                               =su
Physical Therapy                                   =pt
Occupational Therapy                           =ot
Speech Pathology                                  =sp
Wound Care                                         =wc
Nursing                                               =nu
Child Life                                             =cl

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