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CHF Patients and Program

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These are things we should know caring for CHF (diastolic or systolic) patients on the medicine service:

CHF Powerorders

Adult Congestive Heart Failure: Order set with common orders


CHF Core Measures (The Joint Commission, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)

  • HF-1  Discharge Instructions: Written instructions address diet, activity, what to do if symptoms worsen, follow-up appointments, weight monitoring, medications. 
  • HF-2  Left Ventricular Function Assessment: documenation that LVF was assessed prior to or during this hospitalization, or is planned for after discharge
  • HF-3  ACEI or ARB prescribed at discharge for LVSD or documented contraindication to both ACEI and ARB
  • HF-4  Smoking Cessation Counseling/Advice provided for all patients who have used cigarettes any time within the last 12 months


CHF Discharge Clinic

Every CHF patient should have a followup within 7 business days of discharge. 

Page Becky Mayo, NP 951-1040 or Eleanor Miranda, NP 951-1789 to set up the HF clinic appointment for you


Cardiac Rehab Referral

Every CHF patient should be referrto to cardiac rehab unless they are on hospice care.  Cardiac Rehab can be modified to meet the needs of the patient, including home-based activity recomendation.

In Ad Hoc --> all items --> Outpt Rehab Consult Request


CHF Discharge Education

 Use the Power Order:   HF discharge education request

      Andrea Zurawski, RN will provide in depth education on the patient's heart failure, will review the education pamphlet, and ensure that this inpatient education is documented.


The CHF Program webpage has more detail on these measures, the program goals, and current core measure rates.

Visit the CHF Program website on the UNMH Intranet: from the home page -->Clinical --> Heart Failure Program



American Heart Association: Get With the Guidlines (GWTG) Heart Failure

In addition to the Core Measures, listed above, GWTG tracks the following Quality Measures:

  • Beta Blocker at discharge for LVSD (or contraindication)
  • Aldosterone antagonist at discharge for LVSD (or contraindication)

UNMH is a current Gold Award recipient for GWTG Measures, and has been participating in the program since 2005.


Main Contact Information:

Bart Cox, MD, Director, Heart Failure Program, bartcox@salud.unm.edu

Jennifer Mariani-La Luz, MBA jmariani@salud.unm.edu 272-8579,  (pgr) 951-2151

Becky Mayo, NP rmayo@salud.unm.edu (gr) 951-1040



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