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Writing the research protocol

Page history last edited by Rush Pierce 10 years, 8 months ago

Research Protocol


The research protocol is the basic document that you will need to prepare for your IRB submission. For most of our studies (which are exempt or expedited) it can be brief (2 pages).


It should usually contain the follwing elements:

     1. Title

     2. Investigator(s) - all must have IRB training

     3. Background (what has been done before, why this is important)

     4. Project design

     5. Source of data and sample size

     6. Data analysis methods

     7. How subjects will be recruited

     8. Potential risks to subjects

     9. Potentail benefits of the study

     10. Risk vs benefits

     11. Particiapting agencies


IRB instructions  http://hsc.unm.edu/som/research/hrrc/docs/Protocol.pdf


IRB sample protocol  Protocol_Guidelines.doc



     Ward redesign research protocol.doc  (survey)

     GIM faculty survey research protocol.2.doc (survey)

     FCRU protocol v4.doc (study of program)






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