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UNM-VA Collaborative (redirected from UNM VA Collaborative)

Page history last edited by Rush Pierce 10 years, 8 months ago



Areas to Consider

Electronic Notes (MRAN, H&P, DC Summaries, progress notes)

Evaluations of Students/Residents

Rounding Practices

Revising/updating Modules

Collaborating on some other curriculum, like, like Health Economics, Preventive Medicine, Geraitrics

Collaborating on order sets

Collaborative quality/research projects

Maybe some of them would like to do night work here....  ;-)



Faculty Ward Council

Review proposals approved

Generate new proposals

Generate call fo rproposals

Vote on upcoming proposals


Comments (3)

Rush Pierce said

at 3:37 pm on Jan 13, 2010

I don't see this page linked anywhere. Did I miss it? Does it belong under "Section Related" or maybe it's own section on the Front Page?

pejvak salehi said

at 1:39 pm on Apr 5, 2010

When is the next meeting between UNM and VA groups? I have become the contact person for helping set up such meetings here at the VA. By the way, we should maybe talk about how each insititution runs codes at our next meeting. I think the way codes are run are fundamentally different at both insitutions. However, we could use this knowledge to improve resident education prior to codes. Is there a written protocol at UNM for codes? If so, is it greared towards residents or is it a hospital policy? Should we create a code protocol and do some more teaching (in addition to batcave) to residents?

pejvak salehi said

at 1:59 pm on Apr 5, 2010

Regarding above: order sets; the VAMC has purchased the milman criteria for admission, length of hospitalization and discharge. The VA group is using the milman criteria and applying it to its ten most common DRGs (e.g. chest pain, pneumonia, etc). We will use the criteria to create the order set, follow patient during hospitalization and assess our utilization of resources as compared to those suggested by the milman criteria. Is such a thing in process at UNM?
Another point regarding admissions and concern for continuity of care. Bounce policy at the VA: Currently at the VA all bounces prior to noon are admitted by the team that the patient is a bounce too, unless the teamis post call. Otherwise, all bounces should be admitted by the RESIDENT and not the intern. Bounces count towards cap/overflow only for the team that the bounce goes to. It also counts towards resident number of admissions/cap per acgme (10+4)

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