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Antimicrobial Stewardship Short Version

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Pharmacy Support for ABX at UNMH

Q: When should I call a floor pharmacist (“PCAP”) with antibiotic questions?

A: When you need help…

  • Transitioning a patient from IV to oral antibiotics per the pharmacy guideline (“Intravenous to Oral Automatic Conversion” on UNMH Intranet >> Policies and Procedures website)

  • Managing a patient’s vancomycin levels

  • Choosing an antimicrobial dose

  • Determining the frequency of antibiotic side effects for a specific drug

Q: How do I call a floor pharmacist (“PCAP”) with antibiotic questions?

A: Check out www.amion.com (UNM Main page – search for “Pharmacy”). Hours and telephone numbers for all PCAPs are listed.

Q: When should I call Antimicrobial Stewardship?

A: When you need help…

  • Transitioning from an IV to an oral antibiotic NOT on the pharmacy guideline

  • Selecting an antibiotic based on a culture result

  • Choosing a duration of therapy for specific/discrete infections (e.g., CAP, HAP, SSTI)

  • Selecting empiric antibiotics

  • Determining an antibiotic’s spectrum of coverage

  • Deciding if a specific antibiotic (e.g., vancomycin) is needed or not

General guidance for Antimicrobial Stewardship: If it is based on a guideline, then it is a reasonable call to stewardship. If you have more than one question, then you will likely need an Infectious Diseases Consult.

Contact information:

Carla Walraven, PharmD (Infectious Diseases Pharmacist, Co-Lead)

Office: 272-6449

Cell: 505-975-2041

Email: cwalraven@salud.unm.edu


Meghan Brett, MD (Medical Director)

Office: 272-6335

Email: mbrett@salud.unm.edu

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