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New guidelines for Gold and discharge clinic

Page history last edited by jmizzell@salud.unm.edu 10 years, 9 months ago

In terms of Gold:

Gold Attending will now cover ER triage from 7-noon on the weekdays.

The Gold team cap will now be 10.

The midlevel on Gold will round in the morning as usual but will now be responsible for covering/knowing all Gold patients. The Gold attending will be available over the phone in the morning if necessary.

Social work rounds at 1pm.

After social work rounds the Gold attending and midlevel will discuss the new admissions and complete any unfinished rounding work.


In terms of Discharge Clinic:

Starting February 1st, it will now be "ward follow-up."

This means, the ward teams will schedule and see their own patients for follow-up in the afternoons from 1-4pm in the General Medicine clinic. Each afternoon Mon-Fri will have 6 open slots for patients.

FYI, it is possible that a follow-up appointment is for a patient that the team may not know because the team (residents/attending) switched. However, if it is your team color you are still responsible for that appointment.

Each day the discharge planner will give the team a schedule for the discharge clinic for that day so that each team is aware if they have an appointment that afternoon.

We are also encouraging everyone to only schedule ward follow-up appointments for visits that absolutely can't wait until their PCP visit (inspect an infected extremity, lab check, BP/Glc check, etc.) and to avoid appointments to "just see how you are doing."


What happens when the Gold midlevel is sick or on vacation:

Essentially, it is treated just like a weekend...Gold attending does not do ER triage and does not take admissions.  The ward team is responsible for admissions starting at 7am.  If there is morning report for that team it may need to be cancelled as the resident will be in the ER, but I will defer that decision to Jay and Betty.

UNM Wards Handbook

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