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Link to the Medical Student Curriculum (which guides Phase II lecture series)


Primer to the Internal Medicine Clerkship, Second EditionPDF | Word

internal Medicine Subintership Curriculum PDF | Word

(taken from AAIM Resources - Publications, last accessed 03/18/2019, previous link at now defunct)

Online H&P Form for Students: Online H&P Form for Students.docx



Important Notes on Clerkship Evaluations.docx



PRIME Grading Form.pdf

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After this clerkship you should be able to:


Collect a hypothesis driven history and physical   

Form an assessment statement   

Organize a problem list  

  Form ulate a differential diagnosis and defend

Present in an organized manner 

Gain knowledgein common internal medicine problems 

Communicate, educate and advocate effectively with patients and health care team   

Display professional behavior   

Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning  , EBM 

Record emotional reactions


 The Role of Medical Students on the Internal Medicine Wards


The curriculum and expectations for medical students at the UNM School of Medicine may be different from what you experienced during your training.  We want to clarify what is expected of the third year medical students on medicine wards.


First, a note about UNM vocabulary:

·         Phase 1 students are in their first two years of medical school

·         Phase 2 students are in their third year

·         Phase 3 students are in their fourth year


Phase 2 Students






House staff responsibility for students:

·         Welcome students as a member of your team

·         Teach when you have a chance, listen and critique their presentations, review their notes

·         Give feedback to the students that is timely, behavior-based, and specific

·         Sign off on student logbooks/passports when you observe them doing one of the required activities such as ABG interpretation, examining a patient with CHF or liver disease, etc.

     For attendings, it may be useful to review what is included in their log books and schedule some teaching or time for reviewing some of the topic


Clinical Supervision policy

Clinical Supervision of Students-DDedit.docx

Duty Hours Policy

Duty Hours Policy.docx

Student Mistreatment Policy

Student Mistreatment Policy Final 2017.pdf

Reassignment Policy Policy

Clinical Re-assignment Policy.pdf



Phase 3 Students

Scheduling Commitments

Patient numbers





Sub-intern info PDF


If you have questions or comments about the students on your ward teams, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education:

·         Patrick Rendon, MD - Clerkship Director - pager 380-1564

·         Mary Lacy, MD - Associate Clerkship Director - pager 380-2647

·         Paula Popp - Clerkship Administrator - phone 272-6617


FAQs on Mental and Physical Health Care during Medical School - 82818 FINAL.pdf