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I-PASS information (IPASS)

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Protocol for Faculty Observation of I-PASS Sign-Out

- Observation training:

     - watch 5-minute handoff video here and rate the video using the handoff evaluation form here (answers included on page 3)


printable directions and observations sheets: Protocol for Faculty Observations.pdf

- to access the SCHEDULE click here


1. Set a Time for the Observation. Notify your resident that you will be performing a sign-out Observation and Feedback session. We recommend performing the observation on Day Call because: 

     - This day provides the best opportunity for face-to-face observation and feedback

     - Usually ensures that the resident is giving sign-out (i.e. is not their day off) 

     - It doesn’t interrupt your ‘free days'

          *** If that Day Call does not seem feasible, agree to a set-up an alternate date during the rotation.

          *** Some Attendings are assigned with residents that they are not on service with. This helps us spread out the observations and also look at different aspects of the observation. We recommend sending your resident a text or e-mail with your available days for the month and setting this up directly with them based on their schedule. 


2. Find I-PASS ID numbers for yourself, your resident, and the cross-covering provider. Both your resident and the cross-covering provider are considered "Frontline Providers". These numbers can be found by clicking here


3. Discuss the Method of Observations. We realize not all observations can be done face-to-face given work-hour limitations, quality of life, etc. Consequently, if face-to-face observation is not possible we recommend using a conference call strategy (see guide here).

     - Note: If conference call is going to be used, it’s easiest to ensure all parties have cellular reception to facilitate conference calling (or at least one of the first two parties called). Once OCD calls your Resident, your Resident should conference you in to listen to sign-out. (OCD can conference you in as well if your resident does not have cell service and is using landline phone.)


4. Observe the Giver and Receiver Sign-Out. Evaluate the Written Sign-Out. Give brief but specific feedback. Please complete all three forms. Key components of the observation include quality of sign-out and use of I-PASS key elements. Review the written sign-out to ensure that 1) The cache is up-to-date and 2) as a way of ensuring the resident is transmitting all vital elements of information (i.e. Illness Severity or Situational Awareness/Contingency Planning).

     - I-PASS Handoff Observation Tools:

               - Print an updated CACHE

               - To directly enter online: Giver  Receiver  Written

               - To print the evaluations to complete by hand during the observation (an easier option): Protocol for Faculty Observations.pdf


5. Submit the three filled out observation forms (giver, receiver, and written) to Lily for data entry. 


6. END OF ROTATION SURVEY. At the end of your time on service, please fill out this survey:

Survey Link: http://j.mp/1xGSk4h, Service/Unit Name is Wards

You will need your I-PASS ID number and the end date of the period you were on service

- we will send email reminders or get a printed form to you if you do not do this, but if you do we can leave you alone! Thanks!! 


Please let us know via email how the process is working and THANK YOU for helping to improve our sign out process.


- Justin Roesch and Mary Lacy





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