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SHM 2016 Follow-up

Page history last edited by Anthony Worsham 4 years, 7 months ago

Round 2


March 23, 2016


Attendance: Holly Fleming, Dave Olson, peggy Beeley, Monica, Houriya, Rush Pierce, Jake Imber, Sergio Huerta, Lida Fatemi, Mary Lacy, Dana Davis, Lenny Noronha, Kendall Rogers, Radha Denmark, Jenny Jernigan, Seth Scott, Ballen, Philip Camp, Peter Bui, Lori, Johnelle Montoya, Justin, Jens, Eileen Barrett, Libby


Holly Fleming, Dave Olson

Discharge AMA

-eliminate pt-signed AMA form, implement provider template and nursing checklist

-implement here at UNMH, cross facility studies, student/resident involvement?


Kendall Rogers

Brian Harte, incoming SHM president

-CMS recognized Hospital medicine as its own specialty

-hospital medicine aiming to be its own residency? (Jenny's comment: nat'l discussion to change IM to 2 yrs + 1 yr subspecialty vs shortening med school)

-more hospitalists do critical care than intensivists, separate track to get certification for critical care?

-awards ceremony RIV presentations, UCSF, realtime dashboards, created apps, but no significant changes, stat rounds with public showing with improvements, introduce dashboard data at morning report on Fridays?

-community paramedic program, use paramedics during downtime to check on patients at home (e.g., check pillboxes)

-alternative payment models: MIPS (merit-based incentive payment system), hospitals as consumers of post-acute care


APPs-Radha Denmark

-SHM integrating NP/PAs into clinical practice and governing board

NP/PA Interest Group, how to reach NP/PAs, networking

-start post-graduate NP/PA hospital medicine fellowship (e.g., CU since 2009, collaborate?), standardize?

Utilization of NP/PAs - work smarter and eliminate duplicated work, reduce burnout and improve career sustainability

-NP/PA workshop submission for SHM 2017? best practice in summer


Round I


March 16, 2016


Attendance: Dana Davis, Rush Pierce, Monica, Seth Scott, Patrick Rendon, Shadi Mayasy, Houriya, Kendall Rogers, Lida Fatemi, Jenny Jernigan, Deepti Rao, Justin Roesch, Charlie Pizanis, Anthony Worsham, Peter Bui, Emily Hanson, Jacob Imber, Ballen, Lori, Libby, Joy Wortham, Lenny Noronha



Apps for doctors

-Goodrx - http://www.goodrx.com/ to see cost of meds at different pharmacies 

-Septris - Info page Link to play

Tips to use computer while interacting with pts



The Future of Health IT/Hot Topics in Clinical Informatics. Feldman. Tuesday, 5:45-6:30pm

-hospitalists print model to learn pericardiocentesis

-3D printer

Open notes

Pts/family using tablets to access record and ask team questions

Optimizing IT for Documentation and Handoffs, Brian Clay, Tuesday, 3:55-4:15pm

-note is created with assessment/plan at top


Emily Hanson

Reinforcing practice culture and maximizing engagement through effective  communication, Tues, 11am-12pm

-"Something Important to Me" 10-min "TED talk" to residents/peers



Academic Summit, Sun, 1-5pm

-incubator session

-abstract/manuscript rapid review



Academic Summit

-abstract rapid review

-summertime writing series - dissect and edit a single manuscript over multiple sessions




Point-of-care ultrasound, Sun, 1-5pm

-focused cardiac exam (IVC check, gross EF [good, bad, ugly] with parasternal long axis)

-US adapter into phone?

Issues: credentialing, getting enough procedures, write grant proposal?

Code Status-Facts and Fictions. Ragland. Tue, 5:05-5:45pm

-triage who gets code talks



The Language of Empathy and Engagement: Communicatoin Essentials for Patient-centered care. Rotering. Wed, 10:55-11:50am

- Heart-Head-Heart sandwich

Update in Hospital Medicine, Tue, 1:40-2:40pm

-Flomax not useful for kidney stones

Things We Do for No Reason. Feldman. 1:55-2:35pm

-Don't order ammonia on pts with hepatic encephalopathy; treat first instead


Part II


March 23, 2016











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