Educational priority






Lida Fatemi

Diedre Hofinger


Susan Showers


 Problem Statement

Current documentation in the hospital by attendings, advanced practice providers, and residents is sub optimal for purposes of provision of patient care, billing and coding, and utilization review.


Current Approach

1. One Thursday school lecture

2. A variety of templates

3. On-the-job mentoring from upper-level residents

4. Occasional feedback from attending’s

5. Feedback from coders


Near-term goals

1. Request examples of model discharge summaries from attendings, with explanations as to why they feel the discharge summary is good.

2. Review of the literature on components of a good discharge summary.

3. Review the VA template for discharge summaries

4. Submit 10 discharge summaries to coders, utilization review, and primary care providers and seek opinions about usefulness of the particular discharge summary for their purposes.

5 Develop survey instruments for #1 and #5.

6. Recruit a learner to join this project.

7. Report results of these initial steps back to the group for review and plan for development of a discharge summary template


Communication Methods


Next Meeting

Thur 11/05 6:30 PM (following judging of posters at NMACP)


Action Items

PCP Survey